Our Desktop keyboards and pointing devices are constructed in IP65 / NEMA 4 stainless steel or ABS Polycarbonate cases with industrial silicone rubber keypads. These full-size and small footprint keyboards provide a rugged factory floor or workstation interface.

Desktop DBL-810 Series Product Image 1

DBL-810 Series

Backlit Keyboard with Integrated HulaPoint II

Desktop DBL-810-TB Series Product Image 2

DBL-810-TB Series

NEMA 4 keyboard, 81 keys, Integrated Trackball Pointing Device

Desktop DP-72 Series Product Image 3

DP-72 Series

Small-Footprint Mobile Keyboard with Alphabetic Layout and Color Arranged Keys

Desktop DP-88 Series Product Image 4

DP-88 Series

Small Footprint, Desktop Industrial Keyboard with Polycarbonate Case

Desktop DT-1000 Series Product Image 5

DT-1000 Series

Desktop NEMA4 Sealed Keyboard

Desktop DT-18 Series Product Image 6

DT-18 Series

NEMA 4 Sealed 18-Key Numeric Pad

Desktop DT-2000 Series Product Image 7

DT-2000 Series

Desktop Industrial Keyboard with HulaPoint and Stainless Steel Case

Desktop DT-2000-TB Series Product Image 8

DT-2000-TB Series

Desktop Industrial Keyboard with Stainless Steel Trackball and Case

Desktop DT-5K Series Product Image 9

DT-5K Series

Desktop NEMA4X Sealed Keyboard with Pointing Device Benchtop

Desktop DT-5K-MEM-TP Series Product Image 10

DT-5K-MEM-TP Series

Membrane Keyboard with built-in Touch Pad

Desktop DT-81 Series Product Image 11

DT-81 Series

NEMA4 rated small footprint keyboard, stainless steel bezel

Desktop DU-1000 Series Product Image 12

DU-1000 Series

Small Footprint NEMA4 Membrane 104-Key Keyboard,

Desktop DU-5K Series Product Image 13

DU-5K Series

NEMA Sealed Small Footprint Keyboard with FSR

Desktop DU-5K-TB Series Product Image 14

DU-5K-TB Series

Desktop Industrial Keyboard with Trackball and Polycarbonate Case

Desktop DU-5K-TP2 Series Product Image 15

DU-5K-TP2 Series

Desktop Industrial Keyboard with Touchpad and Polycarbonate Case

Desktop SB-101 Series Product Image 16

SB-101 Series

Ultra-Thin Backlit Keyboard with QuickLock™

Desktop SB-87-TP Product Image 17


Small Footprint Keyboard with Touchpad Measures only 0.5" Deep

Desktop SB-97-TP Product Image 18


Backlit Sealed Keyboard with Touchpad

Desktop SK-101 Series Product Image 19

SK-101 Series

NEMA 4 keyboard with large 10-key numeric pad, PS2 / USB interface

Desktop SK-101-M Series Product Image 20

SK-101-M Series

NEMA 4 keyboard with large 10-key numeric pad with mounting holes

Desktop SK-102 Series Product Image 21

SK-102 Series

102 Key Medical keyboard with integrated Hulapoint pointing device, PS/2 or USB interface

Desktop SK-97-TP-USB Product Image 22


97 Key Medical Keyboard, 12 Function Keys, Integrated TouchPad, USB interface

Desktop SLK-101-M Series Product Image 23

SLK-101-M Series

101 Key desktop / mobile keyboard with large numeric key pad

Desktop SLK-102-M Series Product Image 24

SLK-102-M Series

102 Key desktop / mobile keyboard with integrated key pad and Hulapoint or Touchpad, PS/2 or USB interface

Desktop SLK-880-FSR-USB Product Image 25


IP68 MIL-STD-461E small footprint backlit keyboard, builtin FSR pointing device

Desktop SLK-880-FSR-USB-H Product Image 26


Small Footprint Keyboard with Force Sensing Resistor Pointing Device