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  • Space Saving 17.3 inch 4K KVM DrawerSpace Saving 17.3" 4K KVM Drawer: The RACKMUX® 4K KVM Drawer combines a rackmount 4Kx2K LCD monitor, keyboard and touchpad mouse in a space-saving 1RU industrial strength drawer.
  • TiTAN-300TiTAN-300: Specifically designed for Industry 4.0 Edge Computing applications, the TiTAN-300 allows data to be pre-processed at the source prior to transmission across networks or being uploaded to cloud based servers.
  • High Density 128 Channel USB Analogue Input Output ModulesHigh Density 128 Channel USB Analogue Input Output Modules: The USB-AIO OEM Series is an ideal solution for adding portable, easy-to-install high-speed analogue inputs to any computer with a USB port. The USB-AIO OEM Series provides a 12-bit resolution A/D board set capable of speeds up to 500kHz and a maximum of 128 signal-conditioned differential analogue input channels.
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