KVM Switches

Interworld Electronics offers a comprehensive selection of industrial KVM Switches tailored to meet diverse industrial needs. Our rugged Single-User KVM Switches enable one user to control multiple computers using a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse, streamlining workflow and enhancing efficiency.

For more extensive setups, our range of rugged KVM Matrix Switches enables multiple users to individually command or simultaneously share access to numerous computers. This flexibility ensures seamless collaboration and management across various systems. Within our range of KVM Matrix Switches we have options enabling you to connect up to 8 users, as well as options to connect up to 32 computers. There is also the option to connect via Cat6/5e/6 so as to be able to extend the connection.

We also offer dual monitor 4K DisplayPort, 4K HDMI, and VGA KVM switches depending on your video format requirements. Whether you need a basic KVM Switch or a sophisticated KVM Matrix Switch, Interworld Electronics has you covered with a wide range of options to suit various industrial applications. Take a look at the full list of products below, or visit one of the sub-category links to learn more.