EDID Emulators

The range of EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) Emulators from Interworld Electronics are designed to enhance your audio-visual experience. Our HDMI EDID Emulator and DisplayPort EDID Emulators play a pivotal role in overcoming compatibility challenges, ensuring optimal performance and resolution for your HDMI and DisplayPort devices. This range of high-quality EDID Emulators eliminate EDID-related issues by providing stable communication between your source and display devices.

The HDMI & DisplayPort EDID Emulators copy and store the EDID of the desired display and connect directly to the source to ensure that the EDID is not lost in connections between devices such as switches, splitters, and extenders. The EDID emulators also maintain a hotplug signal between a video source and sink/display. Take a look at the range below to learn more about the benefits of EDID emulators, including enhanced signal integrity, resolution support, and effortless connectivity.