Button-Integrated Panel PCs

The range of Button-Integrated Panel PCs from Interworld Electronics combines an Industrial Panel PC with a built-in push button panel. Combining touch screen functionality with built-in push buttons, operators of these systems are able to perform a wide range of tasks all with the one solution, and in the one location, including quickly stopping processes in an emergency. This can help to reduce cost caused by unnecessary damage, and can also make the work environment safer for operators. Having an already built-in button panel also saves time and money that might be used having to build a custom button panel to add onto a standard industrial Panel PC.

The built-in push button panel on our range features: an emergency button, for immediately stopping processes in an emergency; a key switch, that can be used to lock access to the control system; default buttons for starting, stopping and resetting processes; and self-defined buttons that can be customised by the operator to perform the tasks that they select. Along with the integrated button panel, our systems include a range of industrial/rugged features including, fully sealed rugged chassis, IP65 water and dust protection, tough projected capacitive touch screen, wide range power input and wide operating temperature range. Our solutions also include a number of customisable options including, screen sizes, I/O, attachments and mounting. Take a look at the full list of products below to learn more.