28 May


RELEASE - MSR FlexSensors Flexible Rugged Plug-In Sensors

MSR FlexSensors Flexible Rugged Plug-In Sensors Product Image


Interworld Electronics is excited to release the MSR FlexSensors from MSR.

The range of MSR FlexSensors are rugged interchangeable plug-in sensors for recording measured parameters such as temperature, humidity, fluid pressure, light and 3-axis acceleration (Fast Peak).

The FlexSensors offer an efficient, cost-effective and flexible solution for a wide range of measurement applications. They are very quick and easy to exchange, enabling users to expand their sensor range at any time. They are designed so that they can also be used in damp environments such as wet areas. The high level of impermeability (IP67 dust/water protection) ensures that the sensors function reliably even in demanding industrial environments.

Various solutions are available with the MSR FlexSoftware for configuring the FlexSensors, visualising the measured values and processing the sensor information. MSR FlexSensors, together with a USB FlexConnector, allow direct connection to a PC, notebook, single-board computer or Embedded Box PC. In addition to the direct connection, it is also possible to use FlexSensors with compatible MSR data loggers MSR145WD and MSR145W2D equipped with a FlexConnector plug connection.

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