Fan-Aspirated Temperature/Humidity Sensor compensates for parasitic heating due to electrical power dissipation and/or exposure to solar radiation.

  • Internal fan constantly draws air in over the sensor, providing highly accurate temperature readings.
  • Ideal for installations where steep temperature gradients are common, and where there is little to no air flow.
    • Use in freezers where there is intermittent air flow.

Key Features:

  • Applications from -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C) and 0 to 90% relative humidity.
  • Temperature accuracy:
  • ±0.90°F (±0.50°C) for -4 to 14°F (-20 to -10°C).
  • ±0.72°F (±0.40°C) for 14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C).
  • Inflation due to self-heating: <0.9°F (0.5°C) typical, 2.3°F (1.3°C) max.
  • Humidity accuracy (at 86°F/30°C):
  • 10 to 80% relative humidity, ±3%
  • 80 to 90% relative humidity, ±4%
  • Dimensions (including mounting brackets) WxDxH (in): 2.19x2.87x1.41 (56x73x36 mm)
  • Communication type: RS485
  • Compatible with E-2D/5D/16D.
  • Powered by E-2D/5D/16D.
  • Current consumption: 17mA @ 5VDC and 25mA@12VDC
  • Regulatory approvals: CE, RoHS
  • Compatible with E-FSC Fiber Converter/Extender.
  • Supports dew point measurement.
  • Aspiration rate: 1 cfm (0.2 ft/s)

Technical Manuals (PDF)

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E-STHS-LSH Installation Manual

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Fan-Aspirated Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Sensor

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