2 May


RELEASE - USB-ISOLATOR Industrial Rugged Single Port USB Isolator

USB-ISOLATOR Single Port USB Isolator Product Image


Interworld Electronics is excited to release the USB-ISOLATOR from Acces I/O Products.

The USB-ISOLATOR utilises a high-performance, low-power USB 2.0 isolator with a wide operating temperature (-40°C to +85°C) rated for a wide variety of industrial grade environments. Careful attention has been paid to isolation design, including extensive keep-out zones and hand-routed circuit paths, as well as component and material selection. Robust EFT, Lightning, and ESD protection at ±20kV on all signal pins (air and contact).

Tru-Iso™ products are designed under IPC-2221B, UL1577, and UL60950-1 standards. The circuit is isolated with a ≥ 300mil gap between all signal and plane layers (upstream to downstream port). These gaps are rated under IPC-2221B at 1500V (upstream to downstream).

The circuit uses a chip-level high-frequency DC-DC isolator which is rated at 5000Vrms for 1 minute under UL1577. This isolation component has an over 50-year isolation lifespan even if the isolation voltage potential is in excess of 846 volts AC. Under UL60590-1 the card design meets or exceeds the DC-DC isolator specification.

The USB-ISOLATOR has an LED that indicates the presence of power from the upstream port. It can be powered from the USB upstream host port providing up to 380mA of isolated power to the downstream port. External power can be used if the downstream port needs more current with the optional medical grade external isolated supply. The USB-ISOLATOR uses a smart switch DC jack to automatically switch between upstream power or external power upon insertion of the power supply plug.

The USB-ISOLATOR is designed to be used in rugged industrial environments but is small enough to fit nicely onto any desk or testing station. The module’s enclosure is 2.5″ x 3.5″ x 1″. This makes it ideal for a number of industrial applications, including Industrial Automation, Embedded OEM, Health and Medical Systems, Factory Automation, Process Control, and Transportation/Automotive.

OEM version (board only)

The OEM (board only) version is perfect for a variety of embedded applications. Installation using standard standoffs or a DIN-rail mounting provision allows the USB-ISOLATOR to be easily installed inside most enclosures or systems. Additionally, a micro-fit USB input header is provided in parallel with the standard type A and B USB connectors.

High Retention USB Connectors

The ever-growing presence of USB in the industrial/military marketplace has driven the need for USB connections to be reliable, dependable, and unfailing. Gone are the days of loose USB connections. All type A and type B USB connectors feature a high retention design that complies with the class 1, Div II minimum withdrawal requirement of over 3 pounds of force (15 Newtons). These connectors have an orange colour-coded insulator to quickly differentiate it from standard USB connectors. Using these USB connectors increases reliability in your system and ensures a tight connection. For embedded OEM type applications, an additional miniature USB input header is provided in parallel with the type A and B connectors. This method facilitates the smallest possible footprint to be occupied by the hub and associated cables.

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