11 Jun


RELEASE - E-LTA-RYG LED Light Tower With Buzzer Alarm

Interworld Electronics is excited to release the E-LTA-RYG from NTI.


E-LTA-RYG LED Light Tower With Buzzer Alarm Product Image


The E-LTA-RYG is an LED Light Tower with buzzer alarm to provide audible and visual indication of alert when configured to respond to variations in a sensor’s readings. The LED lights provide visual signals for normal, warning, and critical alert status. The integrated buzzer alarm emits a loud continuous tone to alert personnel of an alert.

Operating on 12VDC, the E-LTA-RYG can be controlled and powered by an E-16D Enterprise Environment Monitoring System. It can also be controlled by an E-2D/E-5D when used in conjunction with an E-DI16DOR16-V2 Digital Input/Output Expander. It is ideal for mounting on top of server cabinets, or use in manufacturing plants, assembly lines, call stations, broadcast studios, and factories.

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