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NEWSLETTER - Environmental Monitoring: Monitor & Protect Critical Facilities

The equipment and technology in such critical facilities as, server rooms, data centres, telecom, healthcare, laboratories, cold storage, and others, are often used to store data and perform critical tasks that are essential to the functioning of most businesses. However, environmental factors, such as water, temperature, humidity, air flow and smoke can cause catastrophic damage, that can result in loss of essential data and/or functionality, and can be extremely costly.


Examples of Environmental Monitoring systems from Interworld Electronics


The Environmental Monitoring Systems from Interworld Electronics are therefore essential for monitoring and protecting such critical facilities from damage caused by environmental factors. A wide range of sensors and security devices can be used to: monitor access, surveil via IP video cameras, and monitor temperature, humidity, water, airflow, smoke, power usage and voltage levels. Users can be notified via alert notifications when measurements reach a certain threshold, and some models can be monitored remotely via the optional app. Learn more about some of our popular models below, or visit our website to learn more about the entire range.


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Product picture of E-1W Environmental Monitoring system from Interworld Electronics


  • Environmental Monitoring system with 1-wire sensor interface.
  • Supports 24 single reading 1-wire sensors in any combination.
  • 2 digital inputs for contact closure.
  • Optional built-in Power over Ethernet (POE).


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Product picture of E-MICRO environmental monitoring system from Interworld Electronics


  • 1 integrated Temperature sensor or Temperature/Humidity sensor.
  • 2 RJ45 ports for external temperature/humidity sensors.
  • 2 digital inputs sensitive to contact closure.
  • Optional built-in Power over Ethernet (POE).


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Product picture of E-16D environmental monitoring system from Interworld Electronics


  • Rack mount or wall mount server room environmental monitoring system.
  • Supports 16 external configurable sensors.
  • Includes three internal sensors: temperature, humidity & power.
  • E-5D & E-2D options also available.


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