1 Feb


NEWSLETTER - A NEW Solution For Strict Hygienic Environments

A high standard of hygiene is important across a number of industries, including the food & beverage industry, pharmaceutical, and in clean rooms. In these environments, sanitation is essential, and all products and equipment need to be protected from bacteria. When computerised operation/automation is required in these environments, the use of a standard PC would not be suitable. This is due, in part, to the limitations on how well they can be cleaned, and their increased risk of contamination and malfunction because of the often-harsh environments.


Phantam Series of fully enclosed stainless steel panel PCs


Interworld Electronics is excited to announce the PhanTAM Series, a NEW Stainless Steel Panel PC Series from APLEX that is ideal for such applications. The PhanTAM Series improves on previous stainless-steel solutions, with an updated Intel 11th Gen. Core i3(Dual Core)/i5(Quad Core) BGA type processor, updated ultra slim front frame design, special hygienic bolts, the ability to be used in landscape or portrait mode, and a waterproof antenna cover, which removes the risk of bending/breaking antennas.

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Benefits of using stainless steel for Panel PCs


The fully enclosed stainless steel chassis of the PhanTAM series brings with it a range of advantages. With its great corrosion resistance and easy-to-clean features, it is the perfect material for applications where sanitation and hygiene are crucial. Moreover, it is also durable and long-lasting, helping to limit the need for ongoing maintenance, and reduce cost.

The PhanTAM series is certified with all-around IP66/69K dustproof & waterproof protection, which means that it can be cleaned with high pressure & high temperature water jets. The added features of the waterproof antenna covers, M12 connectors, hygienic bolts, & rubber sealing, combined with the completely sealed chassis, means that the PhanTAM series can be continuously used without dirt and bacteria accumulating.


Key features of the PhanTAM series of fully enclosed stainless steel Panel PCs.


The PhanTAM series is available in either 15.6” or 21.5” TFT-LCD screen sizes, and has a range of customisable/optional features. View the series on our website and customise an option to suit your needs.


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