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EDITORIAL - Embedded Box PCs: Designed For Harsh Industrial Environments

In this modern computerised world, computers have become essential assets for most industries, especially when it comes to making improvements in productivity, lowering costs and reducing mistakes. It is therefore no surprise that these systems are often referred to as “the brains of the operation”. They are able to perform tasks faster, for longer periods of time, and at a higher quality than most humans can.

However, just as all human brains have different strengths and weaknesses, not all computers are the same. With so many options on the market to choose from, it can be difficult to know if the computer that you are choosing is going to suit your specific needs. This choice becomes even more critical when the computer that you are choosing is going to be used in an industrial environment where it will be exposed to a variety of harsh conditions that could cause costly damage.


Embedded Box PCs in a harsh industrial environment provide a number of benefits.


Is a standard PC the right brain for my application?


If you are working in a clean, temperature-controlled office, then a standard PC is probably the right choice for you. However, in many environments, such as: factories, mines, manufacturing plants, warehouses, worksites, public kiosks, ticketing machines, onboard vehicles, city streets, just to name a few, standard PCs are not the right choice. In most of these environments and many others, the computer being used may be exposed to dust, dirt, liquid, high temperatures, low temperatures, shock, and/or vibration, causing a standard PC to malfunction quite quickly. 

A standard PC that is fan cooled is more likely to malfunction in these environments because outside contaminants can easily enter through openings in the computer and then build up inside the computer. Mechanicals fans are also often more likely to fail before other components in the computer, and are often quite noisy. Furthermore, the outer casing of standard PCs is often made out of lightweight, cost-effective material that cannot handle any major shock or vibration. Standard PCs also struggle with wide temperature changes, and often have limited customisable options, especially when it comes to industrial connectivity.

In these instances, where the environment and application are not suitable for a standard PC, an Embedded Box PC is most likely the right brain for your application. 


Benefits of rugged embedded box PCs


A brain with necessary protection


The range of Embedded Box PCs from Interworld Electronics are designed for longevity and resilience, making them durable even in extreme environments where they may be exposed to such things as, dust, dirt, extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration. They are all built with strong, rugged metal enclosures which provide protection from shock and vibration. This makes them ideal for applications where they may be exposed to ongoing vibration, or regular shock/impact that could cause permanent damage to the internal components. 

Designed with heat sink and other heat reducing technologies means that they don’t require inbuilt fans, which reduces the internal components that could malfunction. This fanless design also means that the openings on the outer casing can be reduced, which helps to prevent dust, dirt and liquid entering the system and causing catastrophic failure. This is especially valuable in environments where the system is exposed to conductive contaminants that could easily short circuit internal electronic components. When dust covers are also used to protect exposed ports on the system, the protection against conductive contaminants becomes even greater. 

Their rugged design also enables them to operate within a wider temperature range when compared to standard PCs. This means that they will continue to operate for long periods of time in extremely hot conditions, up to 70°C, and in extremely cold conditions, down to -20°C. 

The rugged and durable design of Interworld Electronics’s Embedded Box PCs means that they can continue to operate uninterrupted 24/7, with very limited, if any, maintenance. This reduces the ongoing expenses that would normally result from malfunctioning equipment, and proves especially beneficial when they have been deployed deep within a complex system, or when they are performing critical processing.   


One size doesn’t fit all


When trying to find a solution across a range of industries and environments, a one size fits all approach to computing doesn’t work. That’s why Interworld Electronics offers a wide variety of Embedded Box PCs that can be used for a wide range of applications. Where size is an issue, Interworld Electronics has a range of Ultra-Compact Embedded Box PCs that are as thin as 30mm, and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. This enables them to be mounted in extremely tight spaces, such as in electrical cabinets, machinery, or vehicles. 

When a stock standard system isn’t enough for your industry, Interworld Electronics is able to customise a range of features to suit your needs, including: Expansion slots and modules, solid state drives, high-end processor options, variable memory options, extensive I/O and video outputs, mounting options (wall mounted, bench, VESA, and DIN rail), and operation from wide range DC power. 


Work smarter, not harder


Whether it be for automation, assembly, quality control, worker safety, or data processing, the range of Embedded Box PCs from Interworld Electronics can be used to streamline workflow, increase productivity, lower costs, and remove mistakes/risks often caused from human error. Interworld Electronics also offers a range of AI@Edge and Machine Vision Embedded Box PCs that can be used to speed up prediction, detection, and classification of data, making them ideal for a range of applications, including: facial recognition, automated inspection, number plate recognition, virtual fencing, intelligent cities, disease prevention, and autonomous robots, just to name a few.


Interworld Electronics Range of Embedded Box PCs


Interworld Electronics has the right solution


When the brains of your operation needs to be built tough, customised for the required application, and intelligent enough to handle challenging processes, Interworld Electronics aims to work along with you to find the right solution to suit your requirements. Interworld Electronics has a wide range of Embedded Box PCs that suit a wide range of requirements, including: AI@Edge, Compact, Expandable, Machine Vision, Ultra-Compact, and Vehicle. View the entire range from Interworld Electronics on the Embedded Box PC page or contact us on 03 9593 7555 to find a solution that is right for you.