1 Mar


EDITORIAL - A New Stainless Steel Solution Improving Hygienic Standards

The food and beverage industry operates under tough regulations to ensure food products are processed in a sanitised environment. This has become even more critical with the increased spread of deadly diseases and viruses. Dirt, germs, bacteria and viruses can easily accumulate on equipment and can result in damaging consequences for the company and consumer. It is for this reason that companies in the food and beverage industry often require that their computing/automation solutions meet the following requirements: prolonged high-intensity performance to increase productivity and to maintain a consistent production output, ability to operate under a wide range of temperatures and in different harsh environments, and the ability to easily be cleaned, even with hot high pressure water jets, so as to maintain sanitation and prevent products from being contaminated.

This can be a bit of a balancing act however, because although many high-powered PCs may be able to easily perform the required computing operations, they easily break down and/or cause contamination in the harsh and often wet environments of the food industry. That is why industrial computers, that have been specially designed for harsh/hygienic environments and are able to perform the required processing tasks, are an ideal solution to this problem.


PhanTAM-9C Series of Stainless Steel Panel PCs being used in Food Processing Environment


Interworld Electronics is proud to release a new solution that meets these requirements, the PhanTAM-9C Series of Panel PCs from APLEX Technology. Not only is the PhanTAM-9C ideal for the harsh and wet environments of the food and beverage industry, it has also been released with a range of updated features which helps to improve efficiency, makes operation easier for the user, and also decreases the ongoing maintenance cost.


Rugged Stainless Steel Construction


The PhanTAM-9C series has a fully enclosed 304 or optional 316 Stainless Steel chassis. The Stainless Steel construction of the PhanTAM-9C series brings with it a range of benefits that makes it ideal for the harsh conditions of the food and beverage industry. Stainless Steel material provides anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, and germ-resistant protection, reducing the risk of contamination in a highly sanitised food processing environment, even when it is exposed to large amounts of water or grime. It also makes the chassis easy-to-clean (capable of withstanding high-pressure cleaning), meaning that any bacteria or other contaminants can easily be removed from the system. The fire, heat and impact resistance of Stainless Steel, also makes the PhanTAM-9C series durable and long-lasting, helping to limit the need for ongoing maintenance, and reduce cost.


Benefits of Stainless Steel Panel PCs


Total IP66/69K Water & Dust Protection


The PhanTAM-9C series is certified with all-around IP66/69K water & dust protection, meaning that it can withstand intensive cleaning with close-range high pressure and high temperature water jets. The gapless sealing, fanless design, & screwless front bezel, also means that the PhanTAM-9C series has total protection against water, dust & germ ingress from all angles. Moreover, with waterproof antenna covers, M12 connectors, & hygienic bolts with silicone rubber O-rings (sealing the back cover), water, dirt & bacteria can easily be prevented from accumulating. The high level of water and dust protection featured in the PhanTAM-9C series makes it an ideal solution for the food and beverage industry where water/liquids and food contaminants can easily cause damage to expensive equipment.


A Display Packed Full Of Features


The PhanTAM-9C is available in either 15.6” or 21.5” TFT-LCD, with a max. resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD). It comes standard with projected capacitive touch, which features anti-scratch toughness, 7H (optional 9H) hardness, and multi-touch capabilities, making it durable and long-lasting, even when exposed to intense usage. Furthermore, the flat bezel of the display not only makes it look good, but also makes cleaning easier, and reduces water or contaminant accumulation.

The PhanTAM-9C series also has a range of sunlight readable features/options that makes it an ideal solution even in outdoor environments e.g. farms, greenhouses etc. The auto-dimming feature automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the external light, and the optional high brightness screen provides up to 1000nits brightness. The optional AR coating helps to decrease light reflection, and the optional anti-glare coating helps to limit the strain on the user's eyes, especially when being used for long periods of time.


Plus Much Much More 


Key Features of the PhanTAM-9C Series of Stainless Steel Panel PCs


The PhanTAM-9C features a high-performance 11th Gen. Intel Core i3/i5 processor, and up to 64Gb DDR4 of memory. It has a wide operating temperature range of 0~50°C (optional -20~60°C), and a wide DC power range of 9~36V. The design of the PhanTAM improves on previous models, with a modern ultra-thin frame and super narrow border, that not only makes it look better, but also helps to reduce the weight of the system. The addition of the waterproof antenna covers, also allows companies to make use of a range of antenna options (4G LTE, 5G, BT & Wi-Fi), while not having to worry about bending/breaking antennas.

The PhanTAM-9C series features a convenient touch screen on/off button, which allows the user to easily turn off the touch capabilities when not in use or for cleaning. It is extremely adaptable, with a range of I/O, POE and RFID options available to suit your needs, including a HDMI output allowing users to connect a second screen. The PhanTAM-9C series also offers a range of versatile mounting solutions including, floor stands, swing arms, wall mounts, desktop mounts, and VESA mounts, and can also be mounted in either landscape mode or portrait mode, making it suitable for most applications.

With such a large range of modern features that can be adapted to suit different environments and applications, the PhanTAM-9C is an ideal solution for the computing needs of the food and beverage industry.

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