Panel PCs & HMI Controllers

The range of Panel PCs & HMI Controllers from Interworld Electronics have been specifically designed and constructed to meet the demanding needs of harsh industrial environments. Our high quality Industrial Panel PCs provide an all in one robust and user-friendly solution, that combines an industrial display with a high performance industrial computer. Interworld’s range of Panel PCs include Fanless, Marine-Grade, Stainless Steel, Sunlight Readable, and Vehicle Panel PCs. With such a large range, we are able to provide a solution that is suitable for a wide variety of applications including, food & beverage manufacturing, automation control, process control, warehousing, mining, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and transportation.

Our industrial Panel PCs & HMI Controllers are available in a variety of screen sizes from 7”~32”, as well as in a variety of processor options to suit different requirements and applications. The majority of our Panel Computers also offer multiple touch screen options. The projected capacitive touch screen option is a more rugged option with anti-scratch protection, while the resistive touch screen option is ideal for use with gloves or in industrial environments where the display may be covered in liquid, dirt, or dust. Our Industrial Panel PCs also offer a range of other options including, fanless design, stainless steel chassis, wide operating temperature support, IP-rated enclosures, compact design, sunlight readable displays, as well as many other customisable I/O peripherals. Explore our product range today to find the ideal Panel PC solution for your industrial needs.

ARCHMI Series Product Example


ARCHMI Panel PCs with screen sizes ranging from 7” ~ 32” and supporting Intel® Atom, Celeron and Core i3 / i5 processors

AUHMI Panel PC Series Product Example

AUHMI Panel PC Series

AUHMI Panel PC range from 10.1” ~ 21.5” with IP66 certified front bezel supporting Intel Gen 11 Core i3 / i5 processors

FABS Series Product Example

FABS Series

Stainless Steel bezel PanelPCs for use in Food Processing and/or Corrosive Industrial Environments

Fanless Panel PCs Product Example

Fanless Panel PCs

Fanless Panel PCs provide a reliable solution in dusty industrial environments. Cooled by large surface area heat sinks they do not suffer from over heating often caused by clogged fans or filter systems.

Marine Grade Panel PCs Product Example

Marine Grade Panel PCs

VIKING Series, Rugged Marine Grade Panel PCs

Panel PCs ATEX Certified Product Example

Panel PCs ATEX Certified

ATEX is a European Regulatory Framework for manufacture, installation and use of equipment in Explosive Atmospheres.

PhanTAM Series Product Example

PhanTAM Series

Fully Sealed IP66/69K True Flat and Slim Design Stainless Steel Panel PCs

Stainless Steel Panel PCs Product Example

Stainless Steel Panel PCs

Stainless Steel Panel PCs designed for use in food processing and/or corrosive industrial environments.

Sunlight Readable Panel PCs Product Example

Sunlight Readable Panel PCs

Sunlight Readable Panel PCs / HMI Controllers

VITAM Series Product Example

VITAM Series

Stainless Steel Fully Sealed Panel PCs for use in Food Processing and/or Corrosive Industrial Environments

Vehicle Panel PCs Product Example

Vehicle Panel PCs

Vehicle Management Computers are designed to meet the harsh requirements of the transport industry

Vipac Fan Cooled Panel PCs Product Example

Vipac Fan Cooled Panel PCs

High performance Fan Cooled Industrial Panel PCs provide a compact user workstation that can be used for industrial control or point of sale applications.