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  • Powerful Edge AI and Machine Vision Box PCPowerful Edge AI and Machine Vision Box PC: The BOXER-6841M Series has been built for both edge AI and machine vision applications with four edge AI models featuring PCIe(x16) slots for the installation of NvidiaŽ GPUs, and two machine vision models fitted with a pair of PCIe(x8) slots for frame grabber cards
  • Washable and Antibacterial Medical Glass KeyboardsWashable and Antibacterial Medical Glass Keyboards: The GKB01 Series keyboards provide protection against cross-contamination and are ideal for use in Medical Research, Hospitals, Clinics, ORs, Patient Rooms, Carts and Nursing Stations and the Food Industry
  • ATEX Certified 19 inch Stainless Steel DisplayATEX Certified 19" Stainless Steel Display: APLEX AEx Series Stainless Steel Displays are designed for hazardous environments. They are capable of withstanding extreme weather, vibration, shock, corrosion and can operate under exposure to flammable gas and vapour
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