Data Logging

Interworld Electronics offers a comprehensive selection of MSR Dataloggers, ideal for diverse data collection and monitoring requirements. These data loggers are versatile, performing various data logging tasks with precision and reliability. Developed within a miniature design, they are highly portable and customizable, featuring options for inbuilt and external sensors. Their small form-factor makes them easy to integrate into most applications, including within product packaging, shipping containers and transportation.

Interworld Electronics’ data logging products have proven to be especially useful for shock and vibration monitoring, empowering users to meticulously assess the transportation and handling impact on equipment during transit. This enables companies to monitor and reduce risks related to transportation, and as a result increase the standard of products that are being delivered to customers.

Along with shock and vibration, the inbuilt/external sensors can monitor a wide range of measurements including 3-axis acceleration, temperature, humidity, air pressure, liquid pressure, and light. With the capacity to record and store thousands of measurements, these data loggers provide extensive data logging capabilities. Featuring wireless and wifi options, data can easily be stored and transmitted online. This provides added peace of mind that data won’t be corrupted or lost due to external damage caused by a hazardous environment.

With cost-effective solutions available, the range of data loggers from Interworld Electronics can provide valuable data that can help reduce unnecessary maintenance and cost due to damage. Whether for temperature, humidity, or other parameters, Interworld Electronics' MSR Dataloggers offer tailored solutions to meet specific application needs, making them indispensable tools for various industrial applications and research endeavours. Take a look at the full list of products below to learn more.