NGX Series

Product Overview

SmartWORKS NGX Series Passive PBX Call Recording System

Features Include:

  • Media Control - CODECS
  • CallerID/FSK/DTMF/MF Detection
  • Activity / Silence Detectors
  • Switching (H.100 and MVIP)
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The SmartWORKS™ NGX is an all-in-one resource for logging behind a PBX or before a PBX on BRI. Every key pressed, call taken, and telephone action performed by an agent is automatically decoded and sent to the recording application. A powerful set of features, combined with PBX integration, makes the NGX a true single slot solution for call logging application providers.

Multiple PBX support

A single board interfaces with a majority of industry leading PBXs to simplify the design of global call recording applications.

Firmware Upgraded

A simple firmware upgrade allows the NGX to adapt to different PBX environments.

Wide Spectrum of Trigger Events

Initiate and terminate recordings based on voice activity, raw D-channel, or Call Progress Monitoring (CPM) events.


Monitors up to 24 channels in real-time with on-board audio jack resources.

CODEC Support

SmartWORKS™ offers a large selection of voice CODECS.(including G.723.1, G.729A and MS GSM)

Key Features:

  • Media Control - CODECS
  • CallerID/FSK/DTMF/MF Detection
  • Activity / Silence Detectors
  • Switching (H.100 and MVIP)
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Automatic Volume Control (AVC)
  • Stereo Recording
  • Call Progress Monitoring (CPM)
  • Full-duplex Channels
  • Media Streaming
  • Live Monitoring
  • Start/Stop Call Recording Triggers

Data Sheets (PDF)

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NGX Series Data Sheet

Technical Manuals (PDF)

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NGX Quick Install Guide

Part Numbers



Digital extension 16 channel base card, PCI-Express


Digital extension 24 channel base card, PCI-Express


Digital extension 8 channel base card, PCI-Express

Daughter Boards



Digital extension 8 channel daughter card, for PCI-Express

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