1 Aug


NEWSLETTER - Industrial Computers That Are Essential In Industrial Environments

As technology continues to advance, a wide variety of businesses are increasingly turning to industrial computers to meet their computing needs. Unlike consumer-grade computers, which are designed for home and office use, industrial computers are built to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments. Industrial computers have a range of benefits including, durability, automation, customisability, longevity, compliance, and built-in security.


Benefits of using an industrial computer from Interworld Electronics


Embedded Box PCs: A Rugged & Adaptable Solution


Embedded Box Computers are industrial-grade computer systems that are housed in a ruggedised enclosure suitable for use in harsh environments. They are engineered to be adaptable and customisable, featuring a modular design that enables users to add or replace components as needed. They can also effortlessly cater to the demands of high-performance applications like machine vision, data collection, and control systems.


Using an embedded box pc from Interworld Electronics in an industrial environment


The range of Embedded Box PCs from Interworld Electronics are engineered for longevity and resilience. These devices offer a durable, reliable, low-maintenance and highly scalable solution, capable of operating 24/7 even under harsh conditions. The range has a wide variety of options that can be customised to suit different applications. They also come with the following industrial-grade features: passive cooling, compact size, low power requirements, high vibration/shock protection, wide operating temperature range, and certified embedded OS support. Click on the link below to visit the Interworld Electronics website and find a solution that suits your unique requirements.


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