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EDITORIAL - Industrial Computers: Why Essential and How To Choose The Right Solution

As technology continues to advance, a wide variety of businesses are increasingly turning to industrial computers to meet their computing needs. Unlike consumer-grade computers, which are designed for home and office use, industrial computers are built to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments. From manufacturing and construction to outdoor applications, industrial computers offer a range of benefits and can be customised to meet the specific needs of different industries.

One of the primary benefits of using industrial computers in industrial settings is durability. Unlike consumer-grade computers, which can easily be damaged by dust, water, or rough handling, industrial computers are built with ruggedized components and reinforced casings that can withstand dust, water, extreme temperatures, vibration and shock. This means that they can continue to operate 24/7 in harsh industrial environments, minimizing the risk of downtime and loss of productivity.

With the increase of automation, industrial computers play an essential role in controlling and monitoring these processes. Making use of powerful processors, high-speed storage, and advanced graphics capabilities, industrial computers have the ability to carry on 24/7 long-term automation of machines, robots, and other equipment, and collect data from sensors and other sources helping to optimise operations. This helps businesses to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve product quality.


Benefits of Industrial Computers From Interworld Electronics


Industrial computers also have the added benefits of customisability and longevity. They can be built to operate in specific temperature ranges, to fit into compact spaces, to operate with specialised input/output configurations, and with many other customisable features that are required for specific applications. Industrial computers are also designed to have a long lifespan, with components that are rugged and long-lasting, and that can easily be replaced and upgraded over time. This allows businesses to adapt and optimise their processes, ensuring they remain competitive and meet the changing demands of their customers.

Industrial computers are also designed to comply with industry standards and regulations, are compatible with a range of industry devices and systems, and have a range of built-in security features. Having just touched on a few of the benefits of industrial computers, it is clear to see that they are by far the ideal solution for use in harsh industrial environments. However, with a number of different form factors to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right solution for your application. This raises the question…


Which industrial computer is right for my application?


All-in-one industrial PCs and embedded box computers are both common types of computing systems that are used in industrial environments. While they share some similarities, there are important differences between them which can greatly impact their long-term effectiveness depending on the application.


Using a Panel PC in a harsh industrial environment.


All-in-one industrial PCs (Panel PCs) are self-contained units that combine a computer, display, and sometimes touch screen in a single package. With minimal cabling required, and the optional touch screen interface, they are designed to be compact, easy to install, and user-friendly. Combining powerful processors and high-resolution displays into the one system, they are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including human-machine interface (HMI) applications, such as process control and machine automation. Some of the benefits of Panel PCs include:

  • Space-saving: Combining the computer and display into a single unit means that they take up less space, and require minimal cabling.
  • Easy to use: The optional touch screen interface, and reduced setup required, makes them user-friendly and means that they can be operated without a keyboard and mouse.
  • Rugged and durable: Panel PCs are built to withstand harsh environments, with ruggedised housings that protect them from dust, water, shock and vibration. Combining all components into the one housing, also reduces the number of vulnerable points in the system where outside contaminates might cause problems.
  • Reduced Cost: Combining all components into the one system also reduces the cost and maintenance when compared to the cost of buying a separate computer and monitor.


Using an Embedded Box PC from Interworld Electronics in a harsh industrial environment.


Embedded box computers are computer systems that are housed in a ruggedised enclosure designed for use in harsh environments. They are designed to be flexible and customisable, with a modular design that allows users to add or replace components as needed. They often also have extra expansion options, allowing users to add additional components or peripherals as needed. They are often used for applications that require high processing power, such as machine vision, data acquisition, and control systems. When combined with an industrial monitor, they provide the same complete computing system as a Panel PC, while still providing greater flexibility and customisation. Some benefits of embedded box computers and industrial monitors include:

  • Customisable: Embedded box PCs are highly customisable, with options for expansion and add-on cards. Having a separate computer and monitor also provides added flexibility when choosing such things as processors and screen size.
  • High processing power: Embedded box PCs can be configured with high-performance CPUs and graphics cards depending on your application.
  • Easy to maintain: The modular design of embedded box PCs makes it easy to maintain and upgrade components, without having to replace the entire system. Also, if there is a fault with either the PC or the monitor separately, the replacement costs can be reduced.  

Interworld Electronics’ Panel PC Solutions

Interworld Electronics’ wide range of Panel PCs are feature laden; with a range of screen sizes, processors, and memory; with optional wide temperature support, multi-touch capability, IP-rated enclosures, and sunlight readable screens; and with the ability to add additional peripheral support, such as USB, Serial, Wi-Fi and 4G. The range of Panel PCs includes:

  • Fanless Panel PCs: Ideal for panel mounting, they are specifically designed for monitoring and process control applications, and provide a reliable solution in dusty industrial environments. Popular models include the ARCHMI series & HELIO series.
  • Stainless Steel Panel PCs: Designed for a wide variety of industrial applications where hygiene is an essential priority, including food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The popular ViTAM series & PhanTAM series are both fully sealed providing IP66/69K water and dust protection.


Interworld Electronics’ Embedded Box PC & Industrial Monitor Solutions

Engineered for longevity and resilience, the range of Embedded Box PCs from Interworld Electronics are durable, reliable, low-maintenance and highly scalable, making them ideal for extreme environments. They have a wide range of customisable options, and include the following features: fanless operation, compact size, low power requirements, high vibration/shock protection, wide operating temperature range, and certified embedded OS support.

Interworld Electronics also has a wide range of rugged Industrial Monitors that can be paired with the Embedded Box PC to form a complete computer system. Interworld Electronics industrial monitors come in a range of sizes (7”~24”), and have a range of features similar to those found in Panel PCs. The range of industrial monitors includes, fully sealed monitors, stainless steel monitors, sunlight readable monitors, panel mount monitors, and marine monitors.

With such a wide range of industrial computers, Interworld Electronics has the right solution for your industrial application. If you’re still not sure which one is right for you, feel free to Contact Us, so that we can find the right solution for you.