• Comprehensive Customer Support and Warranty

All our products come with unprecedented customer support including the following at no extra charge:

  • Lifetime telephone technical support for hardware
  • Return to Base Warranty
  • Warranty periods from 12 to 60 months (see list below)
  • Additional on-site maintenance is available

In addition to our service-oriented product innovations and strong emphasis on quality, Interworld Electronics' key strength is in our ability to work closely with you as a full partner. This means blending our customer support capabilities to complement your existing business strategies. This provides unparalleled support for your end customers.

Warranty Periods:

Interworld offers a minimum 12 Months warranty on all products sold. The majority of our products have longer warranty periods as per the following table. Our standard warranty is return to base. Please contact Interworld Electronics to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) Number before returning any goods.


Manufacturer or Product Group Standard Warranty Period
Interworld Configured Computer Systems 2 Years
All Monitors and Keyboards 1 Year
Aaeon 1 Year *
Acces I/O Products 3 Years
Acme Portable 1 year
Ai-Logix (Audio Codes) 1 Year
Aplex 2 Years
B+B SmartWorx (Advantech) LIFETIME *
Comtrol 5 Years
DFI (ACP) 2 Years
Dialogic 3 Years
Geist 1 Year
Litemax 1 Year
Magma 1 Year
MSR 1 Year
NTI 2 Years
Socket Serial 1 Year
Trenton Technology 2 Years
VPI 1 Year
Western Telematic 5 Years
  • AAEON: Boxer Embedded PCs - 2 Years
  • B+B SmartWorx: LIFETIME warranty is effective for products shipped on or after May 1, 2013. The products of other manufacturers sold by the B+B SmartWorx are subject to the warranties of the other manufacturers.