Interworld Electronics has a range of Fanless Box and Panel PCs for use in dusty, high temperature, high shock and vibration environments that are ideal for vehicle and rail transport applications as well as suitable high brightness monitors.
Interworld’s line of railway computers includes features to provide resilience while operating inside a moving railway. Built specifically to consolidate rolling stock and withstand rugged environments, these computers provide surge protection and power on/off delay, as well as wide temperature support (-40°C ~ 85°C).
Our range of compact and lightweight in-vehicle computers are ideal for vehicles with space, weight and power limitations In addition to a multitude of I/O ports for a variety of in-vehicle applications, these PCs adopt a reliable fanless design, and provide secure and consistent wireless communication features for users wishing to establish interoperable network connections at any locations. Highly expandable and connectable, they are easily integrated into IoT-based frameworks, networks and architecture.
Interworld has a range of robust dataloggers from MSR with a high-capacity memory to handle different measuring tasks such as measuring and recording jolts, shocks, vibrations, temperature, humidity, pressure and light.  Where one is transporting goods around the world and subjected to a variety of climates and transportation stresses, these dataloggers are extremely useful in measuring when and what type of forces these products have experienced.