• RFID EM Cards / Keyfobs
RFID EM Cards / Keyfobs

Features Include:
  • Supports additional users for RFID Access Control Keypads.
  • Code: 64 bit.
  • Function: read only.
  • Operating frequency: 125 Khz.
  • Modulation: ASK.
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  • The RFID EM Cards / Keyfobs Features Include:
    •  Supports additional users for RFID Access Control Keypads.
    •  Code: 64 bit.
    •  Function: read only.
    •  Operating frequency: 125 Khz.
    •  Modulation: ASK.
    •  Quantity: 10 cards/keyfobs.
    • Dimensions (WxDxH): 
      E-RFID-CRD10: 2.09x0.07x3.35 (53.6x1.9x85.2 mm) each
      E-RFID-KYFB10: 1.10x0.24x1.38 (28x6.2x35 mm) each
    •  Compatible with E-FACS, E-ACKR-CLR and E-ACKR-WDB-CLR.
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  • E-RFID-CRD10
  • RFID EM Cards, 10-Pack
  • RFID EM Keyfobs, 10-Pack