• PTS Series
Automatic Power Transfer Switch - Redundant Power Switching

Features Include:
  • Robust Out-of-Phase Switching
  • Rackmountable: Mounts in 19” Equipment Rack
  • Requires Only 1U of Rack Space
  • LED Indicators Show Active Power Source
  • Easy Installation; No Configuration Required
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  • PTS serves as a means to provide redundant power to any AC powered device that does not include a secondary power inlet. Two power inlets supply power to the PTS unit, allowing the PTS to automatically switch to a secondary, back-up power source in the event that the primary source fails.

    It can be a real pain in the wallet when single power supply hardware loses voltage and shuts down. It can cost a fortune to replace single cord devices with redundant dual power supplies or worse, you have to change the backup power configuration of your entire network. An automatic transfer switch (ATS) can provide automatic power redundancy to your single power supply network equipment without the crazy cost or hassle. Rack-mount equipment in networks and data centers require power source redundancy in order to ensure that critical services are always up and running. This is a simple challenge when working with newer devices that already include a second power cord. The PTS Sereis can provide power redundancy for legacy devices that don’t include a secondary power inlet without rewiring your entire data center?

    The PTS Series Features Include:
    •  Robust Out-of-Phase Switching
    •  Rackmountable: Mounts in 19” Equipment Rack
    •  Requires Only 1U of Rack Space
    •  LED Indicators Show Active Power Source
    •  Easy Installation; No Configuration Required
    •  Automatic Power Transfer for Rack-mount network devices
  • Automatic Transfer Switch

    Automatic Transfer Switch
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  • IEC Power Connectors: With the IEC 320 C19 style socket gaining in popularity there is now a real choice in IEC 320 connectors for power distribution units. Below are details of the two common styles of IEC 320 connectors....
  • Applications
  • Red Hat Cluster Management: For users of Red Hat Cluster Managers, WTI Products are recommended for the implementation of the Red Hat Cluster power fencing subsystem:...
  • Remote Tower Access & Management: Remote outdoor enclosures, commonly found at microwave or cell towers present a unique challenge for the network administrator. These days many equipment problems can be diagnosed and corrected remotely, without expensive truck rolls and long delays while support personnel travel to the distant site....
  • Remotely Rebooting After a System Lock-up: When a computer has “locked-up” and is no longer responding to normal methods of communications, it is often necessary to perform a cold boot. This can be difficult at unmanned sites or when the problem occurs outside business hours. A Remote Power Reboot Switch can provide a solution....
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  • Automatic Power Transfer Switch: The PTS-9CM20-2 Power Transfer Switch provides a reliable method of automatically switching equipment to a backup power source. By constantly monitoring a primary power source The PTS-9CM20-2 can decide when to switch to a secondary redundant source to ensure that critical computer systems and network devices are always up and running....
  • Automatic Redundant Power Transfer Switch: Automatic transfer switches provide a simple, cost-effective way to add power fall-back capabilities and power redundancy to single power inlet computing and network devices...
  • Part Numbers
  • PTS-4MM20-2R
  • Automatic Power Transfer Switch, Inputs: Dual IEC C20 (20Amps) , Outlets: (4) IEC C19 (16 Amps)
  • PTS-9CM20-2R
  • Automatic Power Transfer Switch, Inputs: Dual IEC C20 (20Amps), Outlets: (8) IEC C13 (10Amps) + (1) IEC C19 (20Amp)
  • Cables / Adapters
  • IEC-10A/K3744-010
  • 10A 3pin mains plug to IEC-C19 female connector.
    Input Power Cable for 16A Units
  • IEC-15A/K3744-015
  • 15A 3pin mains plug to IEC-C19 female connector.
    Input Power Cable for 16A Units
  • IEC-IEC-2M
  • 2m Output Power Cable IECI Male to IECI Female (IEC320-C13/C14)
  • IEC-IEC-5M
  • 5m Output Power Cable IECI Male to IECI Female (IEC320-C13/C14)