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CPM-1600/800 Series Data Sheet


4G LTE Cellular Modem Data Sheet
These network-grade PDUs include built-in Remote Console Servers. Hybrid Console Server Power Switches provide Out-of-Band remote access to console ports and allow power on, off or reboot of remote devices over a secure Ethernet, Internal Modem or 4G LTE connections.
CPM and REM Series Hybrid Power and Console Management Switches and Accessories
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  • CPM-1600 Series 16 Port Console Server + 16 Port Power Control + Automatic Transfer Switch

  • CPM-800 Series 8 Port Console Server + 8 Port Power Control + Automatic Transfer Switch

  • REM-4R4-xx REM Series Hybrid 4 Port Remote Power Reboot and 4 Port Console Manager with Dual GigE and 4G LTE

  • W4G-EUA Series 4G LTE Cellular Add-On for Console + PDU Combos

  • WMU Enterprise Management Software: Fast and easy management of all WTI devices on your LAN/WAN