Stainless Steel Keyboards and Pointing Devices
Stainless Steel keyboards, Key pads, touch pads and trackballs specifically designed for harsh kiosk environments. These virtually vandal proof and weather proof input devices feature stainless steel cases, bezels and keys and have wipe clean fascias and key-tops that can meet IP65 specifications when mounted in a suitable enclosure.

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  • DT-102-SS Series Stainless Steel Keyboard with Touchpad

  • DT-TB Series NEMA 4X Desktop Stainless Steel Trackball

  • KWS003 Stainless Steel Keyboard, 83 Keys, 38mm Trackball

  • PM-102-SS Series Panel Mount Stainless Steel Keyboard with Touchpad, 101 Keys

  • PM-65-TB-SS Panel Mount Stainless Steel with Trackball

  • PM-65-TP-SS Panel Mount Stainless Steel with Touchpad

  • PM-TB Series Panel Mount NEMA 4X Trackball

  • SS-ETP Stainless Steel Panel Mount Touch Pad

  • SS-F-110 Stainless Steel Keypad, 4 Flat Keys, 110 x 24mm

  • SS-KBT-FN Series Stainless Steel K/B with Integrated 38mm Optical Sensor Trackball, F1 to F12 Function Keys

  • SS-KP-014 Stainless Steel Keypad with optional decoder (C Mount)

  • SS-KP-020 Stainless Steel Keypad with large function keys with optional decoder (Rear/Stud)

  • SS-KP-SQ Stainless Steel Keypad with optional decoder

  • SS-TRACKBALL-LAS-USB Stainless Steel Panel Mount Laser Trackball - 38mm Diameter