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CPM-1600/800 Series Data Sheet


4G LTE Cellular Modem Data Sheet
These network-grade PDUs include built-in Remote Console Servers. Hybrid Console Server Power Switches provide remote access to console ports and allow power on, off or reboot of remote devices over a secure Ethernet or internal modem connection.
CPM Series Hybrid Power and Console Management Switches and Accessories
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  • CPM-1600 Series 16 Port Console Server + 16 Port Power Control + Automatic Transfer Switch

  • CPM-800 Series 8 Port Console Server + 8 Port Power Control + Automatic Transfer Switch

  • W4G-EUA Series 4G LTE Cellular Add-On for Console + PDU Combos

  • WMU Enterprise Management Software: Fast and easy management of all WTI devices on your LAN/WAN

  • 4G LTE Cellular Add-On for Console Servers and Console Server PDU Combos: The W4G Series 4G LTE Cellular Option can be added to our DSM Series Console Servers and CPM Series Console Server + Switched PDU Combos to provide secure cellular access to distant network equipment sites
  • 16 Port Hybrid Console Server and Remote Power Switch: The CPM-1600 Series provides secure remote access to RS232 console ports as well as the ability to power cycle remote IT equipment. With the CPM-1600, Network Managers can monitor the status of critical IT infrastructure
  • New 3-Outlet and 4-Outlet NPS Series Network Power Switches: WTI has added new 3-Outlet and 4-Outlet Network Power Switches to the NPS Series remote switched PDU’s. The NPS Series can eliminate unnecessary service calls by giving administrators complete power on/off/reboot control of remote equipment.
  • Remote DC Power Switches: Interworld Electronics has added three new models to the RPC Series Switched DC Power Distribution Units. The new models provide Dry Contact Alarm inputs allowing alarm notification for door closure switches, smoke detectors and other sensors or devices that provide a dry contact output. You can now monitor security and environmental conditions as well as remotely reboot DC powered computing equipment.
  • DC Power Switches for Remote Network Control: Electronic equipment sometimes “locks-up”, and often the only way to fix it is an expensive, time-consuming service call, just to perform a simple reboot. With the RPC-Series DC Power Switches, you can reboot locked up equipment from anywhere, without a service call, even when your network is down.