Termination Panels
Termination Panels provide convenient screw terminal points for connecting signals to data acquisition and digital control boards. A range of SNAPTRAK DIN Rail mounting accessories is also available.
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  • ADAP25 D25 rear mount termination board

  • ADAP37 DB37 Rear Mount Screw Termination Board

  • STA-112 (UTB) Universal termination board

  • STA-112T-BOX (UTB-K) Universal termination board kit

  • STB-37 DB37 Breakout Screw Termination Panel

  • STB-37/2 Kit 2x STB-37 termination panels, 1x CAB78-37/2F cable, 1x DIN-SNAP 1 foot Section of SNAPTRAK

  • STB-50 50 PIN Header Breakout Screw Termination panel

  • T-BOX (UTB-B) Rugged steel enclosure

  • UTBK-50R (ADAP50) IDC 50 Pin Board Mounted Termination Board