USB Digital I/O Modules
Interworld Electronics provides a complete family of industrial strength digital I/O products for compact control and monitoring applications. Choose from 4 to 96 channels offering various voltage, isolation and counter/timer options. Using one of our 4-port USB hubs, up to 384 channels of high-density digital I/O can be realized.
Our fastest USB digital I/O unit to date (Model USB-DIO-16H), features 16 high-speed buffered digital inputs or digital outputs at continuous, sustained streaming speeds up to 16 MB/s for fast, unlimited waveform length. The module is also capable of 80 MB/s bursts with handshaking signals for synchronizing communications.
Ideal for applications sensing TTL, LVTTL, CMOS logic or monitoring dry contacts and to control external relays, drive indicators and audible alarms as well as controlling external devices such as LEDs and system controllers? USB digital products will meet the needs of your embedded kiosk, test, control, monitoring and alarm applications.
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  • DIO48-USB (USB-DIO48), (SeaLINK PIO-48) (USB-DIO48), (SeaLINK PIO-48) USB To Digital: 48 Line Buffered TTL I/O

  • DIO8-USB (SeaLINK PLC-16) (USB-DIO8), (SeaLINK PLC-16) USB To Digital: 8 Isolated Inputs, 8 Electro-mechanical Relays, 2 Amp Contacts

  • DIO96-USB (USB-DIO96), (SeaLINK PIO-96) (USB-DIO96), (SeaLINK PIO-96) USB To Digital 96 TTL Input/Output Ports

  • USB-CTR-15 USB Digital Counter/Timer Module

  • USB-DIO-16 Series USB Digital Waveform (Pattern) Generator Modules, 16 High-Speed Digital I/O Lines

  • USB-DIO24-CTR6 Series Multifunction High-Speed USB Digital I/O with 6 Counter Timers

  • USB-DIO24DO12 24 Channel USB Digital I/O Module with 12 Solid State FET Relay Outputs

  • USB-DIO-32 Series USB 32 digital I/O, rugged enclosure and screw terminal connector, Optional Counter/Timers

  • USB-DIO-32I Series 32-Channel, USB Digital Input/Output Module, Independently Selectable I/O, On-board Intelligent Firmware

  • USB-DIO-48 Series USB 48 digital I/O and rugged enclosure

  • USB-DIO48DO24 48 Channel USB Digital I/O Module with 24 Solid State FET Relay Outputs

  • USB-DIO-96 Series USB 96 digital I/O and rugged enclosure

  • USB-DO24 24 Solid State FET Relay Outputs

  • USB-IDIO-16 Series USB 8 or 16 Isolated Input and Solid State High-Side FET Output Digital I/O Modules

  • USB-IDIO-16L Series USB 8 or 16 Isolated Input and Solid State Low-Side FET Output Digital I/O Modules

  • USB-IIRO-16 Series USB 4, 8 or 16 Isolated Inputs and 4, 8, or 16 Relay Output Digital I/O Modules

  • USB-IIRO4-2SM USB Isolated I/O and Serial Communication Board

  • USB-IIRO4-DB USB 4 isolated input, 4 relay output unit in a rugged enclosure

  • High Density 128 Channel USB Analogue Input Output Modules: The USB-AIO OEM Series is an ideal solution for adding portable, easy-to-install high-speed analogue inputs to any computer with a USB port. The USB-AIO OEM Series provides a 12-bit resolution A/D board set capable of speeds up to 500kHz and a maximum of 128 signal-conditioned differential analogue input channels.
  • 16 Channel USB Multifunction Analogue Input/Output Modules: Interworld Electronics has released a new series of USB-104 form factor Analogue I/O modules from Acces I/O. The USB-AIO12-16 Series provides 16 single-ended or 8 differential 12-bit analogue inputs, 2 16-bit analogue outputs, 16 high-current digital I/O lines and a 16-bit programmable counter/timer in a compact USB 2.0 module.
  • Intelligent 32-Channel USB Digital I/O Module: The USB-DIO-32I provides 32 lines of independently selectable buffered digital I/O. The USB-DIO-32I features on-board intelligent firmware that provides Watchdog Timer, Configurable Power-On Defaults, Contact Debouncing and Latching, Digital Pulse generation and Matrix Mapping functionality.
  • High Density Data Acquisition System: The DAQ-PACK Series is a highly integrated multifunction data acquisition and control system. The DAQ-PACK Series provides signal conditioning, RC filtering, current inputs, RTD measurement, bridge completion, thermocouple break detection, voltage dividers, small signal inputs, and a sensor excitation voltage supply.
  • USB Isolated Digital I/O Module with Solid State Low-Side FET Outputs: The USB-IDIO-16L Series is ideal for adding portable, easy-to-install isolated input and solid state output capabilities to any computer with a USB port. The USB-IDIO-16L features 16 solid-state low-side MOSFET switched outputs and 16 optically isolated digital inputs. A number of Input and Output configurations are available.