Ethernet Digital I/O Modules allow remote data acquisition and control across local and wide area networks.
Ethernet I/O is an ideal solution for adding portable, easy-to-install digital I/O capabilities to any computer or network with an available connection. Because of Ethernetís ubiquitous nature, these modules are supported for use in all operating systems -- including Windows, Linux, Unix, iOS, Android, Raspberry PI, etc.
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  • ETH-DIO-24 Ethernet 24-Channel Digital I/O Board (TTL Compatible)

  • ETH-DIO-48 Ethernet 48-Channel Digital I/O Board (TTL Compatible)

  • ETH-IDIO Series Isolated Digital Input and Solid-State (FET) Output Ethernet Module

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  • ETH-IIRO Series Isolated Digital Input and Relay Output Ethernet Module