NTI Environmental Sensors
Analogue sensors allow environmental monitoring systems to measure voltage and current levels, door contacts, intrusion and liquid detection.
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  • E-AFM Air Flow Sensor

  • E-CDx-y Series Chemical Detection Sensor

  • E-GD-MBP-P Gas Detector for Methane, Butane, Propane

  • E-LD-LCx-y Low-Cost Liquid Detection Sensor, Rope-Style

  • E-LD-SPDT-P Spot Liquid Detector, Point Leak Detection Sensor

  • E-LDx-y Liquid Detection Sensor

  • E-RH-E7 MINI-LXO Humidity Sensor

  • E-SDS-CELCP Low-Cost Smoke Detection Sensor - CE Approved

  • E-SLDO-14-240VTR Compact-Size Spot Liquid Detector, Point Leak Detection Sensor

  • E-SLDO-AP Spot Liquid Detector with Built-In Visual & Audible Alarm

  • E-T-E7 MINI-LXO Temperature Sensor: -20 to 85 Degrees C

  • E-T-IND-E7 MINI-LXO Extended Range Industrial Temperature Sensor: 0-75 Degrees C

  • E-TLD-Px Tape-Style Liquid Detector use a self-adhesive sensor tape with copper fiber electrodes and a durable netted cover for dependable detection of conductive liquids

  • E-TRHM-E7 MINI-LXO / MICRO Temperature/Humidity Combination Sensors

  • E-UCLD-x Under Carpet Leak Detection Sensor Cable