Remote Power Switching
Remote Power Distribution and Switching allows system administrators to remotely switch ON, OFF or Reboot network equipment and servers. These Internet Power Switches give you the ability to perform this function from anywhere; just point your browser to the IPS's TCP/IP address, enter the secure user name and password, and you're just a click away from remote power On, Off or Reboot!
  • IPDU Series Dual Outlet Remote Power Reboot Switch with Environmental Monitoring

  • NBB Series Outlet Metered and Switched PDU - Vertical: Remote power reboot control and current monitoring for installations where rack space is limited.

  • NPS Series Basic Switched PDU - Horizontal: Our NPS-Series switched Power Distribution Units (PDU) are ideal for switching power on network equipment in local or remote locations. Optional built-in Automatic Power Transfer Switch

  • PWR-RMT-RBT-LC10A Single Outlet Power Reboot Switch: Remotely control power on/off/reboot a server, router, web cam, firewall or other remote device over IP.

  • RPC Series 12/24/48V Remote DC Switched PDU: Remote Power Distribution Units for managing DC power switching and reboot functions at remote sites

  • VMR Series Outlet Metered and Switched PDU: Our VMR-Series outlet metered and switched Power Distribution Unit (PDU) keeps an eye on power supply and power consumption of individual devices in your network.

  • VMR-HD Series High Current Outlet Metered and Switched PDU: Our VMR-HD Series outlet metered and switched Power Distribution Units (PDU) features 16/32 Amp inputs.

  • WMU Enterprise Management Software: Fast and easy management of all WTI devices on your LAN/WAN