NTI Alert and Communications Accessories
Comprehensive range of Alert and Communications Accessories including: IP Surveillance Cameras, 3G/4G Modems, Sirens and Alarms.
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  • E-3GU-4 USB 3G Modem, for use with ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D/MINI-LXO models

  • E-4GU-3 USB 4G Modem, for use with ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D

  • E-AVDS-GSM Low-Cost Automatic Voice Dialer System

  • E-BCN-R Small Alarm Beacon

  • E-BCN-RL Large Alarm Beacon

  • E-IPCAM-SWHNO Solar-Powered High-Definition Wireless/Wired Day/Night Outdoor IP Camera

  • E-IPCAM-WHNPT-V3 High-Definition Wireless/Wired Day/Night Pan/Tilt IP Camera

  • E-SRN-BLL Fire Alarm Bell, 90 dB

  • E-SRN-M Piezo Siren, 108 dB