Geist (ITWatchDogs) Systems
Geist is a leading manufacturer of Data Centre monitoring solutions. Geist Climate Monitors capture and track critical environmental data in secure areas. Ideal for Data Centres, Laboratory, Medical facilities and Cool Rooms.
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  • Geist Monitoring SystemsGeist Monitoring Systems: Indoor rack mount and mini wall mount environmental monitoring systems providing Web-based remote surveillance of environmental conditions and security.
  • Geist Analogue SensorsGeist Analogue Sensors: Analogue sensors allow environmental monitoring systems to measure voltage and current levels, door contacts, intrusion and liquid detection.
  • Geist Digital SensorsGeist Digital Sensors: Digital Sensors allow a range of environmental conditions such as Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point and Air Flow to be measured.
  • Geist AccessoriesGeist Accessories: Geist Environmenal Monitoring System Accessories including: I/O Expansion, Analogue Sensor to Digital Sensor conversion and more