Converters / Extenders / Isolators / Surge Protect
Convert, extend transmission distance or isolate serial data. These small devices convert between RS-232 and RS-422/485 protocols. Options include port or self powered, screw terminals, DB9 or DB25 connectors, isolation and LEDs to indicate data flow. The converters, extenders and isolators function as an extension of the computer's built-in serial ports, so no software drivers are necessary. Surge protectors protect data lines from transient voltage spikes which are common in industrial environments.
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  • Converters - Isolated ConvertersConverters / Isolated Converters: Serial converters provide protocol conversion between RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 data streams. Available with screw terminals, DB9 or DB25 connectors, isolation and data flow LEDs.
  • Serial ExtendersSerial Extenders: Extenders allow the distance restrictions of serial data signals to be eliminated. Signals can be extended up to 1000 metres via twisted pair CAT5 cabling.
  • Isolators - RepeatersIsolators / Repeaters: Isolators provide an optical barrier preventing high voltage transients from destroying communications equipment. Repeaters increase the number of possible nodes that can be connected to a network.
  • Ethernet POE ExtendersEthernet Extenders: Ethernet and POE Extenders
  • Serial Data to Single Mode Fibre Converter: The FOSTCDRi-Sx Series is designed to extend serial communications over long distances while providing immunity from heavy industrial environments
  • CAT5 Serial Port Extenders: Interworld has released the ETR-RS232 serial port extender. The ETR-RS232 extends RS-232 serial communications up to 1000M/3300ft at speeds up to 230kbps. Using a single CAT5 cable between a transmitter/receiver pair, the ETR-RS232 allows remote serial peripherals to be attached to a PC or laptop.
  • Serial Port Surge Suppression: Surges and spikes on datalines can fry your communications boards and corrupt data. Surge Suppressors divert excess energy away from the port being protected into a ground connection. Interworld Electronics can supply a range of communications boards that include Transient Voltage Suppressors on board.
  • Extend RS-232 Communications By 1.3km Using In-line Converters: These small devices convert between RS-232 and RS-422/485 to extend the distance that RS-232 equipment can communicate by up to 1.3 km. Advantech B+B Smartorx Series currently comprises of six in-line converters. Features available depending on the model include isolation, LEDs to indicate data flow, port-power and external power.