Communication Boards
Interworld Electronics supplies a wide range of Asynchronous Serial Communications Boards and adapters. The range includes RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 protocols boards with single, dual and multi-port options. Connectivity options include PCI, Universal PCI, PCI-Express and PC/104 bus architectures.
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  • PCI - PCI-X Communications BoardsPCI / PCI-X Bus: PCI, Universal PCI and PCI-X Bus Communications Boards.
  • PCI-Express Communications BoardsPCI-Express: PCI Express cards are available in 2 to 16 port serial card configurations and offer high-speed, serial I/O that maintains backward compatibility with PCI applications and drivers.
  • Mini PCI-Express Communications BoardsMini PCIe: Mini PCI-Express Communications Boards
  • PC-104 and PCI-104 Communications BoardsPC/104 and PCI/104 Bus: RS232 and RS422/485 serial communications PC/104 modules with single, dual, quad or eight independed asynchronous serial ports.