NTI ENVIROMUX-1W Sensors and Accessories
ENVIROMUX-1W Sensors and Accessories
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  • NTI Environmental SensorsEnvironmental Sensors: Temperature and Humidity Sensors, Liquid and Chemical Detection Sensors, Smoke and Gas Detectors, Air Flow/Velocity Sensors, Weather and Outdoor Sensors
  • NTI Motion - Intrusion - Vibration SensorsSecurity Sensors: A comprehensive range of NTI Motion, Intrusion and Vibration Sensors.
  • NTI Power Relays and SensorsPower Relays and Sensors: AC and DC Voltage Detectors, Power Monitors and switches.
  • NTI Alert and Communications AccessoriesAlert and Communications Accessories: NTI Alert and Communications Accessories including: IP Surveillance Cameras, 3G/4G Modems, Sirens and Alarms.
  • NTI Sensor AccessoriesSensor Accessories: ENVIROMUX-Sensor Accessories include: Digital Input/Output Expanders, 4-20mA and 5VDC Sensor Converters and Sensor Cables.