NTI Environmental Monitoring Systems
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NTI manufactures a range of Environmental Monitoring Systems that protect server rooms, data centres, telecom, healthcare, laboratories, cold storage and other critical facilities by implementing climate and power monitoring. A wide range of sensors and security devices can be remotely monitored.
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  • NTI Advanced Monitoring SystemsAdvanced Monitoring Systems: Advanced rack mount and wall mount environmental monitoring systems. Provide Web-based remote surveillance of environmental conditions and security.
  • NTI Low Cost Monitoring SystemsLow Cost Monitoring Systems: Protect your server rooms, data centres or other critical facilities by implementing climate and power monitoring.
  • NTI Environmental Monitoring ApplicationsApplications: NTI Environmental Monitoring Applications
  • NTI Sensors and AccessoriesSensors and Accessories: Comprehensive range of Sensors and Accessories suitable for use with NTI Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Single-Zone Liquid Detection System: The ENVIROMUX® Single-Zone Liquid Detection System monitors up to 1,640 feet (500 meters) of liquid/chemical detection sensor cable or an under carpet leak detection sensor. When the sensor detects a water or chemical leak, the system will notify you via a visual indicator (red LED) and an audible alarm.
  • SNMP Zabbix Template Generator: Network Technologies Incorporated (NTI) have release an SNMP plugin for Zabbix allowing their ENVIROMUX Environmental Monitoring Systems to integrated with the Zabbix network monitoring package.
  • Micro Environmental Monitoring System: Ideal for small server installations the E-MICRO Series can monitor critical environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, water leakage, power, intrusion and smoke.
  • Environmental Monitoring System Management Software: The ENVIROMUX-MNG server environmental monitoring system management software provides an intuitive easy-to-use, unified graphical user interface for both monitoring and configuring up to 3,000 NTI ENVIROMUX units and all connected sensors
  • Advanced Environment Monitoring System for Medium Sized Rooms: The ENVIROMUX-5D utilizes sensors to monitor critical sever room environmental and security conditions. The ENVIROMUX-5D provides 2 internal sensors for Temperature and Humidity, 5 RJ45 ports for connecting external sensors, 5 digital (dry contact) inputs and 2 relay outputs.