Industrial Keyboards
Made with either ABS polycarbonate, or stainless steel cases, our NEMA 4, 4X desktop and panel mount keyboards with built-in pointing devices meet the high standards required by harsh industrial and medical environments.
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  • Desktop Industrial KeyboardsDesktop: Desktop keyboards and pointing devices are constructed in IP65 / NEMA 4 stainless steel or ABS Polycarbonate cases with industrial silicone rubber keypads.
  • Panel Mount Industrial KeyboardsPanel Mount: Panel Mount keyboards and pointing devices provide an IP65 / NEMA 4 front bezel that can be mounted flush within a panel.
  • Illuminated (Backlit Keys) Industrial KeyboardsIlluminated (Backlit Keys): Illuminated backlit keys make these keyboards ideal for use in any low light environment.
  • Mobile Mount Industrial KeyboardsMobile Mount: Mobile mount keyboards provide rear threaded mounting holes allowing the keyboards to be securely mounted.
  • Small Footprint Industrial KeyboardsSmall Footprint: Industrial and medical grade small footprint keyboards. Ideal for desktop workstations, rack mount keyboard drawers, mobile vehicle, portable and other space constrained requirements.
  • Wireless Industrial KeyboardsWireless Keyboards: Wireless keyboards use Bluetooth Wireless technology to communicate between the keyboard and the host computer.
  • Industrial Keyboard with Polycarbonate Case: Designed with 19" rack applications in mind, iKey's DU-1000 keyboard features a small foot print, low profile, light weight polycarbonate case with an integrated numeric keypad
  • Ultra-Thin keyboard with QuickLock™ functionality: Interworld Electronics has released the SB-101 Ultra-Thin keyboard. The SB-101 is one of the thinnest keyboards to date with a depth of only 15.2mm. Featuring 101 keys with integrated red backlighting, the SB-101 is the ideal solution in low-light environments.
  • NEMA 4X Keyboard with Integrated Trackball: Interworld Electronics has released the DBL-810-TB NEMA 4X specification industrial keyboard from iKey LTD. The DBL-810-TB features a small footprint 81 key keyboard with integrated 25mm mechanical trackball.
  • Industrial Keyboards and Pointing Devices: Industrial environment present a unique set of problems for computer keyboards and pointing devices. They must survive dust, liquid contaminates, oil and grease, temperature and heavy handed use. Location, mounting method and useability also need to be addressed.