Analogue I/O
Analogue I/O
Interworlds range of Analogue I/O products include Multifunction I/O boards with a combination of analogue inputs and outputs, digital I/O and counter timers, as well as dedicated analogue output boards.
  • USB Bus Analogue I-O ModulesUSB Bus: USB Bus Analogue I/O modules including multifunction I/O, dedicated input and dedicated output modules.
  • PCI Bus Analogue I-O BoardsPCI Bus: PCI Bus Analogue I/O Boards designed for industrial control applications.
  • Pico-I-O Multifunction Analogue I-O ModulesPico-I/O: Pico-I/O Multifunction Analogue I/O Modules
  • Analogue Signal ConditioningAnalogue Signal Conditioning: Analogue signal conditioning boards.
  • PC-104 and PC-104+PC/104 and PC/104+: PC/104 and PC/104+ analogue multifunction and digital I/O boards for data acquisition and control applications.