Digital I/O
Digital I/O
Interworlds range of Digital I/O products include External Isolation Racks and Modules, I/O boards with a combination of Isolated Inputs and Relay Outputs and Counter Timers. Boards are available for all popular PC expansion bus architectures.
  • PCI Digital I-O BoardsPCI: PCI digital I/O boards for data acquisition and control applications.
  • PCI Express Digital I-O BoardsPCI Express (PCIe): PCI Express (PCIe) data acquisition and control boards provide high bandwidth throughput.
  • Ethernet Digital I-O ModulesEthernet: Ethernet digital I/O modules for remote data acquisition and control applications
  • Mini PCI-Express Digital I-O BoardsMini PCIe: Mini PCI Express is a small form-factor PCI Express bus designed for use in Small-form-factor devices such as industrial embedded computers, laptops and other portable devices.
  • USB Digital I-O ModulesUSB: USB Bus digital I/O modules for data acquisition and control applications.
  • PC-104 and PC-104+PC/104 and PC/104+: PC/104 and PC/104+ analogue multifunction and digital I/O boards for data acquisition and control applications.
  • Pico-I-O Digital I-O ModulesPico-I/O: Specialized Pico-I/O boards for quick and easy I/O integration in both new and existing systems.
  • External Isolation Racks and ModulesExternal Isolation Racks and Modules: Interworld Electronics supplies a comprehensive range of external digital isolation racks and modules.