PC/104 Expansion Modules
PC/104 Expansion Modules
PC/104 is a compact implementation of the PC ISA bus while PC/104-plus provides PCI bus compatibility in the same compact form factor. The PC/104 standards offer full architecture, hardware and software compatibility with the PC ISA and PCI bus, but in compact 3.6 inch x 3.8 inch stackable modules.
  • PC-104 CommunicationsPC/104 Communications: PC/104 Communications modules with single, dual, quad or eight independed asynchronous serial ports. High speed synchronous serial PC/104 modules are also available.
  • PC-104 Data Acquisition and Control ModulesPC/104 Data Acquisition and Control Modules: PC/104 analogue multifunction and digital I/O boards for data acquisition and control applications.
  • PC-104 Peripheral ModulesPC/104 Peripheral Modules: PC/104 Peripheral Modules allow you to add additional functionality to your PC/104 stack.
  • PC-104 Power ModulesPC/104 Power Modules: PC/104 Power Modules provide filtered and regulated DC to power your PC/104 stack.