Interworld Electronics supplies a wide range of Box PCs and Embedded Controllers that meet extended temperature specifications.
All our Box PCs feature a standard 0°C ~ 50°C operating temperature range. Many models also provide a Wide Temperature (WT1) option.
Our wide temperature range products are designed from the ground up to meet Extended Temperate Ranges.
Some of the more common Extended Temperate Ranges include:
[-10° ~ 50°C], [-15° ~ 55°C], [-20° ~ 50°C], [-20° ~ 60°C], [0° ~ 55°C]
Note that the temperatures quoted in the table below refer to the maximum operating temperature range without air flow unless air flow is stated. Increasing the air flow over the product will allow higher temperature ranges to be achieved. A number of factors can negatively influence the temperature range. The choice of CPU, Hard Drive, SSD and the addition of expansion cards can reduce the maximum operating temperature.