Interworld Electronics has added three new models to the RPC Series Switched DC Power Distribution Units from Western Telematic. The new models provide 4 Dry Contact Alarm inputs allowing a number of room sensors to be connected. The new RPC-40L8A4 Series now provide alarm notification for door closure switches, smoke detectors and other sensors or devices that provide a dry contact output. Three different models capable of switching +12V, +24V and –48V DC power circuits are available.

All RPC-40L8A4 models features dual 40 Amp inputs and eight 15Amp outputs and provide high current screw terminal blocks for both input and output power bus connections.

RPC units can perform remote reboots and power shutdowns on demand or according to a user-defined schedule. They can even automatically reboot a device if the device fails to respond to a ping command.

The RPC Series supports alarm notification via Email, SNMP and SYSLOG. The RPC power switch can monitor your rack temperature and trigger an alarm if it is too high, notify you of excessive invalid access attempts, when a circuit breaker is open or a fuse has blown or when power is lost and restored.

The RPC Series can be access remotely via a web browser or telnet, out-of-bound via an external Modem or by using a local console port. Extensive security and authentication features include multi-level password protection, SSHv2 encryption, HTTPS/SSL web access, IP address filtering and LDAP/Kerberos/RADIUS support.

Electronic equipment sometimes “locks-up”, and often the only way to fix it is an expensive, time-consuming service call, just to perform a simple reboot. With the RPC Series DC Power Switches, you can monitor equipment security and environmental condition as well as reboot locked up equipment from anywhere, without a service call, and even when your network is down.

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