Interworld Electronics has released a new series of PCI Express Digital I/O cards from Acces I/O. The PCIe-DIO-24D Series emulates an 8255 compatible chip, providing 24 DIO lines. The DIO lines are grouped into three 8-bit ports: A, B, and C. Each 8-bit port is configured via software to function as either inputs or outputs. Port C can be further broken into two 4-bit nibbles via software and configured as either inputs or outputs.
All I/O lines are buffered and are capable of sinking or sourcing 32 mA. The VCCIO logic level is globally configured via jumper selection as 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V or 1.8V. Also, ports A, B and C are individually software selected as pull-up or pull-down through 10kohm resistor networks. The last configured pull-up/down state is stored in on-board non-volatile memory and automatically applied at the next power up.
Four models are available. The PCIe-DIO-24D basic model provides 8255 chip emulation with interrupt (IRQ) generation for Port C, the PCIe-DIO-24DC includes an 8254 programmable 16-bit counter-timer, the PCIe-DIO-24DS includes input Change-of-State (COS) detection and the PCIe-DIO-24DCS includes both options.
The cards are 6.6 inches in length and 4.2 inches high when seated. I/O wiring connections are via a male 37-pin D-sub connector. A ribbon cable can be used to connect the cards to termination panels.

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