The benefits of network-enabling your remote serial devices are well-known by leading IT professionals and technical service managers everywhere. Support is easier, downtime is minimized, and information is shared with anyone in your organization having access to the network and the proper authorization.

Devices designed for serial communications are attached to a variety of systems, such as Point-of-Sale (POS), transportation and logistics, building automation, security (entry/access and monitoring) and many others. These devices are often difficult to access remotely, but when connected to a Serial Device Server (SDS) they are easily operated or managed over a TCP/IP network.

Interworld Electronics supplies a range of SDS products that makes it simple to get the serial-to-IP connection up and running. Connect your serial device, your Ethernet cable, the included power source and then load the Installation software on to a PC on the network. Within a few minutes youíll be accessing the device over the network as if itís attached to your PCís local COM port!

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