Ideal for small server installations the E-MICRO Series can monitor critical environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, water leakage, power, intrusion and smoke. When a sensor goes out of range of a configurable threshold, the system will notify you via email, web page or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).  The E-MICRO can function independently or as an IP-connected remote sensor for the E-2D/5D/16D Advanced Monitoring Systems.
Two E-MICRO models are available. The E-MICRO-T which includes an internal temperature sensor and the E-MICRO-TRHP which includes both temperature and humidity sensors as well as built-in Power-Over-Ethernet (POE). Both models include two RJ45 ports for external sensors and two screw terminal digital inputs for contact closure detection.
The E-MICRO can be configured and controlled via the Ethernet port using a Web Browser and the built-in Web Server or by using a Telnet client.
The E-MICRO Environment Monitoring System is ideal for use in small data centres, server sites, web hosting facilities, telecom switching sites, server closets, or any unmanned area that needs to be monitored. For industrial applications the E-MICRO has the ability to operate in harsh environments at high temperatures up to 85C.

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