Building on the proven technology of the MSR145 USB logger, the new MSR145WD takes advantage of BLE wireless radio technology in order to facilitate applications that were not feasible using the previous MSR models.

The BLE wireless radio link (Bluetooth 4.0 Smart) is ideal for applications that require monitoring of measured data from locations that are difficult to access, such as machine rotations or climate data in a display cabinet. By combining the MSR145WD with the MSR SmartCloud Service and the MSR smartphone app users can immediately visualize the latest recorded data at any time and from any location. In addition the smartphone app can receive alarm messages via MSR SmartCloud and, if required, share data from multiple MSR145WD data loggers with a work group.

The MSR SmartCloud facilitates the storage of measured data on a server via the Internet, allowing users to view, print or download the measured values of their data loggers to a PC for a detailed analysis, wherever they are. Users can grant further participants access to the measured data with a personal MSR SmartCloud login, thus facilitating efficient and easy co-operation. The user-friendly MSR SmartCloud can notify users of incoming alarms via text messages and e-mail. Depending on the data logger model used and existing infrastructure, measured data can enter the MSR SmartCloud by using BLE wireless via the smartphone app, via a optional BLE receiver box or via a PC using a USB cable.

The MSR145WD is also equipped with a colour OLED display allowing immediate presentation of data and graphic charts. The high screen resolution enables the user to easily read measured values, even in total darkness and from virtually any viewing angle.

Like all previous MSR data loggers, the new wireless data logger can be factory assembled to meet customer requirements. The customer can choose between a standard variant and a waterproof version, decide on a rechargeable 250 mAh or 800 mAh battery and select which internal and external sensors they wish to equip the logger with. The thumb sized MSR145WD is currently equipped with a memory capacity that can store over 1,000,000 measured values

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