The WMU Enterprise Management Software from WTI helps manage all your WTI devices from a single platform. Want to change a username or password across all your devices? Quickly reboot or SSH your network gear? Manage everything from firmware to asset tagging and more with an enterprise software solution for your WTI deployment.

After installation of the WMU is complete, users can perform a quick search to find all compatible WTI devices on the network and then add those devices to an inventory display for later access.

For installations that feature multiple WTI power control units, the WMU provides fast access to power switching and reboot functions without the need to log in to each individual PDU in order to switch power or initiate a reboot on connected equipment. Outlets can also be assigned to groups according to functionality or location and then switching and reboot commands can be applied to all power outlets in the group. This feature is particularly helpful when rebooting or switching power to a network device that draws power from several different WTI switched PDUs.

In addition to serving as a centralized interface for WTI device management and power control functions, the WMU also provides an avenue for quick access to console port command functions via SSH. Communication with WTI devices is fast and easy; simply select the desired WTI device and the WMU will instantly establish an SSH connection with the selected unit.

The WMU simplifies the task of updating user accounts by enabling administrators to update user account information on multiple WTI devices from a single, convenient interface. This saves time and ensures consistency by eliminating the time consuming task of accessing each individual device in order to change passwords or usernames.

When new firmware updates are available, the WMU allows multiple WTI units to be updated via a single command. Administrators can simply select the desired WTI devices from the inventory shown by the WMU, specify the desired firmware update file and the WMU will do the rest of the work, updating each selected unit.

Once the WMU has identified all compatible WTI devices in your network, identifying tags can be assigned to each device in the WMUís inventory, making it easier to locate devices with similar tags or characteristics. After tags are assigned to each WTI device in inventory, search functions can be used to quickly find a specific device or several devices.

The WMU provides quick access to console port command functions on compatible WTI units via both SSH and Web. Once a connection to a WTI device is established, users can invoke power control or port connection commands, change configuration parameters or review unit status in the exact same manner as is used when communicating with an individual unit.

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