Interworld Electronics has released the NBB-20VD16-3 vertical mount switched PDU from Western Telematic. The NBB-20VD16-3 High Amp Switched PDU is specifically designed to provide secure, remote power control and reboot capabilities for high density rack enclosures.

The NBB-20VD16-3 features dual 16 Amp inputs, (20) twenty remote switched IEC C13 outlets and (4) four 16 Amp UL-489 circuit breakers. Each circuit breaker protects 5 IEC C13 outlets and supports up to 16 Amps. The NBB-20VD16-3 is built for vertical Zero U (0U) installations where rack space is limited. Mounting kits are available to fit a variety of rack and closet enclosures.

The NBB-20VD16-3 includes a robust selection of monitoring features, including event alarms and SNMP polling to help you keep tabs on vital network elements, avoid costly service calls and maximize up time.

The NBB-20VD16-3 can also perform reboots and power shutdowns on individual outlets according to a user-defined schedule. The NBB-20VD16-3 can monitor the ping response from critical equipment and if a ping command fails it can automatically reboot the device.

The NBB-20VD16-3 can be configured and operated via its convenient IP web browser interface or by any SNMP MIB based enterprise management software.

For simple remote power reboot control where rack U space is limited, the NBB Series 0U vertical mount reboot switches are an ideal solution.

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