Interworld Electronics has released an updated version of the MSR145 compact datalogger. With five internal sensors, four analogue inputs and user-friendly software the thumb-sized MSR145 becomes a compact flexible advanced data logging system.

The MSR145 can be factory configured to meet user specifications with a range of internal sensors including: 3-axis acceleration, temperature, humidity, air and fluid pressure and light sensors. Analogue inputs allow the connection of external third-party sensors for specialized measuring tasks (e.g., CO2, conductivity, pH, etc.).

The analogue inputs also feature an alarm output and an input for starting and stopping data recording. If required, the external sensors can be powered by the logger's internal battery.

The MSR145 is available in a standard IP60 housing or an IP67 waterproof housing. A choice of 260mAh or 900mAh batteries and optional memory expansion slot provide addition flexibility.

The thumb-sized MSR145 data logger records over 2 million measured values or up to a billion measured values with an optional microSD card. All measured values can be rapidly transferred to a PC or laptop via the USB interface for data analysis.

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